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Dedicated to developing innovative methods to help you on an ongoing basis to reduce costs and avoid excess inventory, Automotive Fasteners Inventory Management Solutions (IMS) division works with you to provide the VMI (vendor managed inventory) program that makes sense for your needs. From on-site retrieval, procurement and maintenance to station-to station product delivery, we match the available systems to your production demands to find the solution that's right for you.

Put your trust in a company that has been ensuring customers improve their effectiveness in the marketplace while getting the parts they require in a cost effective and timely fashion since 1961.

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Ship-To-Floor™ provides a point-of-use delivery to your manufacturing areas.
  • Avoid costs, storage, and cash constraints associated with excess inventory
  • Just-in-Time: Keep production line moving with Station-to-Station product delivery
  • Flex Deliveries to match your production requirements
In Plant Inventory Management

In-Plant Storz™

In-Plant Storz™ (IPS) is our elite inventory management system.
  • Greater access to your inventory
  • Customized Consignment Inventory Program
  • Secured, on-site storage, 24/7 availability
  • Ship-to-Floor™ Access
  • Integrated Supply Services also available


Require greater access to your inventory? Then you'll love the convenience of the Auto-Serve™ program.
  • Elite Inventory Management System co-ordinates all integrate supply functions including Ship-to-Floor™ (see description above)
  • State-of-the-Art computerized, bar-coded inventory control
  • Complete Supply Chain Management
  • Stocked with Items you use most often
  • On-site Attendant manages retrieval, procurement & maintenance for you
  • Single Source Supplier for all Class C inventory items
  • Product Training Seminars available
  • Educated Team available to help you improve overall performance by offering product alternatives, design and engineering support

Tote-Fill™ Program:

  • Serial Tracking, Departmental Identification
  • Electronic ordering capabilities 24/7 worldwide
  • Fill History including Lot Traceability (comprehensive history tracking)
  • Flexible Programs for a variety of product needs
  • Variety of Refillable/Reusable Tote sizes/types
  • Used with IPS System software package


Reduce costs and ensure uninterrupted production with a customized inventory management solution from AFI, the company with the knowledge and experience you can depend on.

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