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What is VMI?

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What is VMI? What VMI is Designed to Do?
What an AF VMI Program allows you to do Why the World's Leading OEMs and MROs Trust AF


What is VMI?

Automotive fasteners has been providing supply chain management solutions to OEMs and MROs across a variety of industries including automotive, heavy equipment, emergency vehicles, truck/trailer, food processing, industrial, marine life, and leisure medical device, mining, outdoor lighting, petrochemical and more for close to half a century.

A VMI, or vendor managed inventory program from Automotive Fasteners is customized to meet your specific needs. More than supplying parts, your AF representative partners with you to ensure you understand how parts, materials, and delivery options can affect your costs and production. In addition to our lean manufacturing processes, we have also adopted “kaizen” intensive programs, which have been designed specifically to increase cost savings through constant improvement across all areas of management, production and fulfillment. Our goal is to continuously improve our processes and reduce our costs so we can pass the savings on to you.

You could benefit from customizing one of AF's VMI programs:

What VMI is Designed to Do?

Each custom VMI program is designed to:

  • Relieve you of all functions relating to inventory procurement
  • Reduce risk by transferring inventory ownership from you to AF
  • Provide you with a true consignment program: “pay on consumption” basis

What an AF VMI Program allows you to do:

  • Effectively Manage Your Supply Chain
  • Reduce Costs
  • Free up Money
  • Free up Labor
  • Save Time
  • Control Consumption
  • Maintain High Quality
  • Fulfill SBA Quota (Certified Small Business)
  • Keep Production Flowing
  • Reduce Time to Market

Why the World's Leading OEMs and MROs Trust AF

Never overlooking what's truly required, Automotive Fasteners is committed to providing each customer with the following assurances:


Quality: Supplying brand name products from world's leading manufacturers.
Integrity: In an era where many have forgotten its value, AF and its employees maintain the highest level.
Support: We stand behind our products 100%, assuring our customers that should a problem arise we work it out together.
Experience: In business since 1961, AF offers more than 40 years serving MROs & OEMs. Providing our customers with a strong sense of security, we have over 120 employees at 9 locations throughout 7 states to support our VMI Programs and IPS Systems.
Continuous Improvement: AF is committed to developing solutions that prevent stagnation and improve your effectiveness in the marketplace.

Learn more about customizing one of AF's VMI programs:

Enhance the way you do business. Work with a company trusted by industry leaders worldwide to provide excellent service, quality products and expert solutions.

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