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What's Ship to Floor™/Tote-Fill™?

Automotive Fasteners Ship to Floor™/Tote-Fill™ programs provide measured quantities of inventory directly to your shop floor so you can keep production flowing and minimize your time to market.

The Tote replenishment program supplies your inventory in convenient, re-usable containers that are bar-coded for identification. Using computerized tracking, each tote is accurately tracked for usage history, lot control history and location.

Offering you the kind of delivery options you need, inventory can be supplied to a variety of locations such as “Grocery Store,” “Pantry,” or “Point of Use”.

Combine with other VMI programs for greater flexibility:

Benefits of Ship to Floor™/Tote-Fill™

  • Avoid costs, storage, and cash constraints associated with excess inventory
  • Just-in-Time: Keep production line moving with Station-to-Station product delivery
  • Flex Deliveries to match your production requirements
  • Accurate usage and Lot control tracking
  • Elimination of customer supplied “water spider” to distribute products

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